One Village. One Crop. One Harvest.

Our Story

100% Agave Spirits from the Highlands of Colima

The 2014 vintage of Dos Volcanes 100% agave spirits is made exclusively from one crop of blue agaves grown in the rich volcanic soil of the cool highlands of the two Colima volcanoes, Volcan de Fuego (active) and Volcan de Nevado (dormant). Our agave farm outside the remote village of Cofradia de Suchitlan, in the state of Colima, is three miles outside the official Tequila border, at the center of a region considered by historians to be the ancestral roots of modern tequilas and mezcals. Yet, because the agaves are grown outside the official five state Tequila region, we can't call it "tequila." We are outside the official seven state Mezcal region, so we can't call it "mezcal" either. That's fine with us. Every drop comes from the same crop of agaves we planted ourselves and grew without chemicals or pesticides. We processed them at a tequila distillery in Jalisco under the guidance of master distiller Ernesto Granados Cardoso. The agaves were fermented, distilled twice, proofed to 41% alcohol, then bottled with no additives. Call it whatever you like, "mezquila" if you want, as long as you enjoy this pure expression of distilled agave. Salud!

Our Terroir

Soil. Climate. Geomorphology. It all matters. The terroir for agave spirits is as important as the terroir for wine. The agaves distilled to make Dos Volcanes are grown in the rich and rocky volcanic soil of the southern slope of the active Volcan de Colima, or “Volcan de Fuego,” as it is known locally. At 12,595 feet, it is lower than its dormant younger sister, the 14,015 foot Volcan de Nevado. In the early Pleistocene era, a major eruption covered the entire region. The Volcan de Colima remains very active today, with numerous large eruptions in 2015, often throwing ash up to 20,000 feet skyward. The climate of Cofradia is a tropical savannah. At 4,278 feet, the temperatures are mild, typically ranging from 50-85 degrees fahrenheit. Brief but regular heavy rains throughout the hotter summer months, combined with a cooler dry winter, contribute to a fertile growing environment for the agaves and other crops without the need for irrigation. It is no wonder that pit roasted wild agaves were a major food source for the native Nahuatl people who have inhabited the region for over 3,000 years. Recent research by Mexican ethno-botanists Patricia Colunga and Daniel Zizumbo documents the Colima highlands as the region where 400 years ago the Spanish first began distilling agave using Fillipino style stills. Research also suggests that the Nahautl people distilled their own agave using clay pots, thousands of years before their Spanish conquerors arrived. Dos Volcanes is a celebration of the birthplace of tequila and mezcal, and is the only agave spirit from the state of Colima exported from Mexico.

Our Bottle

There is a tradition in the world of tequila of producing a bottle unique to the brand. Often extraordinary, the bottle may cost more than the tequila itself. Sometimes, the contents don’t quite measure up to the container. While we know that the bottle doesn’t contribute to the flavor, we thought Dos Volcanes was special enough to deserve a special bottle. We found one in Tonala, Jalisco, designed and produced by Miguel Arturo Hernandez, an award winning artisan glass blower and designer. Each bottle and its glass “tapon” is made one at a time out of 100% recycled glass. Once empty, you’ll want to use it again in your kitchen or pantry. Watch our video to see our bottles being produced.